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Are you planning a move within, to, or from Alexandria VA, Landmark, Lincolnia ? Best Alexandria VA Movers Top Moving Company in Virginia Rose Hill, Franconia is your best choice for moving companies in Alexandria, VA, Huntigton, Groveton. We have been helping families and businesses move and relocate for over a decade in Belle Haven, Kingstone. Our goal is to help you move in an efficient and stress-free manner. There are many moving companies in Alexandria Virginia popular area like Old Town, Duke Street, Del Ray, Landmark, Eisenhower Avenue, Kingstowne and Shirlington, but Best Movers Service LLC is unique in that we manage to maintain competitive and affordable pricing while providing five-star customer service. Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, the task can be a lot of work.

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Who i need to hire for a long distance move? You will need to hire a reliable and seasoned long distance moving company to help you with your move. A long distance Alexandria VA mover will be able to professionally handle the packing and transportation of your belongings and ensure their safe arrival at your new home. Be sure to do your research to find the most reputable and trustworthy moving company that has experience in long distance moves.

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We accept all debit and credit cards (5% processing fee) if paying in cash no fee or tax added, no personal checks accepted. Company”s deposit policy and cancellation notice requirements. A $100 deposit is taken via credit/debit card upon reservation. That deposit is nonrefundable should the customer cancel the job at any time. There is no grace period. The $100 deposit is deducted from the two hour minimum and balance beyond the two hour minimum is due at completion of the job by credit or debit.

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1. Research Local Alexandria VA Movers: Start your search for movers in Alexandria with a thorough research of the local moving companies. Look into the services provided, scope of operations, customer reviews, and certifications held.

2. Get Price Quotes: Reach out to the companies to get a free estimate. Ask for precise pricing estimates and inquire information regarding the types of payments accepted.

3. Hire Professional Movers: Select the movers based on their experience, customer reviews, and affordability. Make sure to generate a contract and sign off to seal the deal.

4. Schedule the Move: Get a convenient date and time for the move. Schedule the move with the hired movers and make sure to discuss all the details beforehand.

5. Get Ready for the Move: Make sure to get the necessary furniture removal items like wooden planks and pads, gently pack your belongings, and disassemble any furniture items to prepare your home for the move.

The number of Alexandria VA movers you need to hire will vary depending on the size of your move and how quickly you'd like your belongings moved. In general, a two-bedroom home will require at least three movers, while a large home may require three or more. If you have specialty items such as a piano, pool tables or very large pieces of furniture, you may need to hire additional movers as well.

1. Pack items in boxes. Sort and pack your belongings by room and category, stockpiling small items inside larger items. Heavy items should always go in small boxes to make them easier to move. Make sure to label all boxes according to the room and type of items contained in them. 2. Pack fragile items in bubble wrap. Fragile items such as dishes and glassware should be packed with extra care. Line your cardboard boxes with bubble wrap to cushion them and help prevent damage. 3. Pack wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes. Wardrobe boxes are ideal for packing and moving clothes. They come with a metal bar that you can use to hang garments so they arrive wrinkle-free. 4. Use tape to reinforce boxes. Place tape around all edges of the boxes to make them sturdier and to prevent them from tearing open when they’re lifted. 5. Consider using specialty boxes for unique items. If you’re packing items with unique shapes and sizes, such as plants or large electronics, consider using specialty boxes

Are you thinking of moving into or out of a rental unit located in Alexandria Virginia Fort Hunt? If yes, then be advised! You might need to take care of additional items that differ from your standard home move . We Save You Time & Money When it comes to an apartment or home move in Alexandria VA Seminary Hill, Lincolnia Heights, Rose Hill, Huntigton areas, we know that time and money are everything. Our team will help you save both! Here’s how: • Rental Property Regulations: Best Movers Service LLC Alexandria VA movers fully understand all the regulations for Alexandria VA rental properties. This helps us in completing the move in Alexandria VA safely, and accurately. Our team will wrap as needed your furniture when moving in Alexandria VA your belongings. This helps in eliminating any risk of property damage, as well as securely moving your items. • Our Work Is Efficient: When you hire Alexandria VA Movers, our professional moving team will completely expedite the moving process. Allowing you to focus on other essential tasks like organizing, packing and cleaning! COMPETITIVE PRICING IN ALEXANDRIA, VA Best Movers Service LLC is proud to offer competitive and affordable pricing for your move. After you reach out and we are able to give you a quote, you will be asked for a $100 deposit to secure your movers and truck for your moving date reservation. Please note all deposits are non-refundable upon payment. The deposit will later be used towards your moving cost which will be totaled upon completion of the move.

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